Wedding planning can feel overwhelming with so many decisions to make, and so much to think about. Let’s face it, there are likely loads of things you don’t even know about! Working out your wedding priorities at the start of your wedding planning is an essential way of making your wedding planning so much easier. Have a read through The Easy Guide to Working Out Your Wedding Priorities and learn how to navigate your wedding planning simply!

You might be wondering what we mean by “wedding priorities” and why will they help? Your wedding priorities are those things that are most important to you and your partner for your wedding. They are the things that are non-negotiables for you, the things you can’t imagine not having for your wedding. What you want to have, do and feel for your big day. For example, are you envisioning a luxe vibe with 150 of the most special people to you with a string quartet? Maybe it’s a small, intimate wedding with top notch food and wine! Whatever your vision is, getting your priorities sorted is crucial!

Determining your wedding priorities will help you navigate wedding planning a lot more easily, as you’ll know what’s important to you both and where you need to allocate your time and budget. Having a list of priorities will also help when you are faced with other wedding related decisions, for example – should you book that amazing thing your friends had at their wedding or that incredible thing you saw on Instagram last week. You can come back to your list of priorities and use that as a guide to help you through the decision making and what you actually need.

Here’s your easy guide to working out your wedding priorities! And don’t get caught up in how many you have, that’s not really the important part – the crucial part is that you have the priorities set!



Start by having an open and honest conversation with your partner. Discuss your individual visions for the wedding and what elements are most important to each of you. This ensures that both of you are on the same page and that the wedding planning process reflects your combined dreams. Consider any weddings you have been to and think about anything you liked and didn’t like. Start to make a list of possible things you really liked in those weddings and the things that feel important. This part could take some time too as if you haven’t really thought about your wedding in its entirety before it can be overwhelming! Not only that, but it can also take some time to get your head around it all, what you like and don’t like. The important thing is to take your time, don’t rush it!


Reflect on What You Love

Consider what you value most and how you can incorporate these values into your wedding. Is family your top priority? Do you cherish creativity and uniqueness? Is it a big party you are wanting? Are you quite traditional. Are you wanting a very small and intimate celebration? Maybe you both have a love for nature and want an outdoor ceremony. Identifying what you both love will help you make decisions that are meaningful and authentic.


Consider your Budget

At the same time as working out your priorities, it is important that your budget gets some attention too. You can’t have your priorities clearly worked out without having your budget sorted to some extent too. Knowing your budget will help you to determine how much you can spend on your priorities. If you need help working out your budget, check out our blog here.


List Your Must-Haves 

Now that you have started to put a list together of things you think are important, start to really consider your must-have elements for your wedding. Whether it’s a live band, a specific type of cuisine, or a particular venue, listing these priorities helps you stay focused and make informed decisions. Remember, your must-haves will be completely unique to you both, and what you love and want for your wedding. These priorities will also guide your planning and help to determine where to allocate your budget. For example if having the best photographer is a top priority, you may make cuts in other areas that aren’t as important.


Be Realistic About Your Wedding Priorities 

Wedding planning is likely completely new for you both, even if you have done it before it can be a bit of a reality check finding out the realistic pricing for some things. You may end up doing something very different to what you initially thought you would do. Try to be open to options, explore different ideas and this will help you land on what you really want to do. While it’s great to dream big, it’s also important to be realistic. Not every idea will be feasible, and some compromises may be necessary. Be flexible and willing to adjust your plans to stay within budget, timelines and ideals.


Trust Your Instincts

Finally, trust your instincts. This is your wedding day, and it should feel right to you. If something doesn’t feel aligned with your vision or values, don’t be afraid to say no. Staying true to yourselves will ensure that your wedding is a genuine reflection of you and your partner and your love story!


Coming up with your wedding priorities is a crucial step in the planning process. By communicating openly, reflecting on your values, setting a budget, and focusing on what truly matters, you can create a celebration that is uniquely yours. Remember, this day is about celebrating your love and the exciting phase of your lives together, so let your priorities guide you in crafting the wedding of your dreams. Read more wedding planning blogs here.