Let’s face it, weddings can be expensive – and there seems to be endless ways your precious finances can be drained! Beverages can be a significant proportion of your budget, so choosing a venue that allows you to BYO can save you significant dollars! 

Choosing a BYO venue like Waipuna gives you a lot more control over your allocated budget. You can choose your favourite wines and beers to serve or ones you know your guests will enjoy. Keep an eye out for specials in supermarkets and liquor stores and slowly build up your supply so you’re not forking out a lot all at once. You can also use a wine merchant such as our friends at the fantastic Wine Divine in Rolleston who will deliver your beverages to your venue.

But how much do you need? We suggest really taking the time to think about your guests and their preferences. There are great calculators on some liquor store websites to help you get a general idea of quantities. Some suggest you calculate quantities on one drink per person per hour of your reception. This all depends on your guests of course and each wedding will be different. Are guests heavy, medium or light drinkers? It’s also helpful to think about what people tend to drink – will there be a lot of beer drinkers, or more wine drinkers among your guests? Consider that a number of your guests may be driving and there may be some who perhaps don’t usually drink, but for a special occasion may enjoy a glass or two. All of these factors should be considered and will influence the amounts you require. 

Winery tour package at Waipuna Estate

Unless you have very specific thoughts on the drinks you want to supply, our advice would always be to keep it simple! Keep it easy for your guests and only offer a limited selection. Choose a couple of white wines – a Sauvignon Blanc and either a Riesling or Chardonnay work well. For red wine, a Pinot Noir and Shiraz are popular choices that cater to many. Rose and sparkling wine are also common to serve too.

When it comes to beer, the same applies, you don’t need to have a huge variety on offer. Three different beers tend to be enough to suit the crowd, if you are keen on craft beer then you could have a small amount on offer, but by no means is necessary. Cider is often a popular choice too, so having some to serve is a good option. 

Midweek wedding at Waipuna Estate

Lastly, don’t forget about non-alcoholics options. Make sure you have a good variety for people that aren’t drinking. There are some great alcohol free wines and beers on the market too which can be a nice choice for those not drinking. We supply ice, water, fridges and glassware for your wedding or event too – oh and with no corkage charge that’s a huge saving! 

Still have some questions? No problem, leave a comment below and we’ll gladly answer!

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