There’s no denying it, weddings can be expensive! But it is possible is have an amazing wedding without financially crippling yourselves. Read on to see some of our ideas on whether you spend or save when it comes to wedding planning!

Excitement is bubbling over, and your engagement and upcoming wedding are hot topics of conversation. You’re thinking about dates, venues, dresses, hair, make up. And then – reality bites! Once you have figured out your wedding budget, the unfortunate reality is, for most of us, we can’t have it all. But there is no need for doom and gloom to set in. You can still have the wedding of your dreams on a budget that works for you. Here are some of our top tips to make that happen!

1. Figure out your priorities
The first thing you and your partner need to work out is what the most important things are to you both. There are no rights or wrongs, and everyone will be different. If you’re both foodies and can’t imagine your wedding without great food – this is one of your priorities. Perhaps you want to indulge with friends and family at your wedding and celebrate with some top-notch champagne?

Whatever your tastes, it is essential you and your partner have a good idea of your priorities and can allocate a good portion of your budget to those items first.


2. Beverages on a budget

When it comes to beverages, many couples choose to limit the options to beer, wine, cider and non-alcoholics. Spirits aren’t the norm at many weddings, so don’t feel pressured to offer them. Many venues don’t charge corkage and allow you to bring your own beverages, which can create a huge saving. Hit up great supermarket deals or speak to your local bottle store. Many have great options on returning any unused beverages. We wrote a great blog about BYO wedding venues, check it out here.

Wedding cake with flowers

3. Have your cake and eat it too!

Serving the wedding cake as dessert has become a hugely popular option, and we think this is a great idea too. So often it is late in the evening before the cake is served, and guests are either already full, or the party is in full swing. If it is savings you are after, serving cake as dessert can be great option. And you won’t be left with lots of leftovers. Although that’s not a terrible scenario!

Wedding dress

4. Your dream dress doesn’t have to break the bank

Wedding dress shopping can be so much fun, and of course you want your dream dress for your magical day! Whether to splurge or save on the dress is such a personal decision, but there is no reason why you can’t have a gorgeous dress for a fraction of the price of a custom-made design. Many bridal shops have wonderful sales once or twice a year, so if you keep an eye on their social media page, or subscribe to their newsletters, you may just be able to find a bargain!

We have also seen some amazing dresses purchased from sites like Trade Me for a ridiculously low price. Keep an open mind, and shop around. You just never know where you’ll find your perfect dress!

Wedding Flowers

5. Floral fantasy

Fresh flowers are incredibly beautiful and we have so many wonderfully talented florists here in Canterbury. If fresh florals are your thing, then who are we to argue? But if you are on the fence, we have seen some amazingly realistic fake flowers that provide a great, cost effective alternative. Especially for things like archway décor – you would never know the difference. We’ve also seen some stunning bouquets created with wild flowers, or flowers from the gardens of family or friends.

This is just a small list of things to consider when you are considering whether to spend or save when wedding planning. There is no shortage of areas in which your hard-earned cash can be spent – but remember, you don’t have to adhere to every single tradition. If you don’t want wedding cars – don’t have them. If you want to put together a playlist of your favourite tunes to dance the night away to, go for it. Not keen on wedding favours? We’re pretty sure your guests won’t mind either!

It’s your day and our advice to any wedding couple is to always make your day a reflection of who you are as a couple. These are always the most magical weddings.

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