Your wedding will be a magical day, there is no doubt there! You might be wondering how you can really wow your guests and make it incredibly memorable and a huge hit! Of course, your wedding is about you and your partner and celebrating your love, however it’s also a good idea to consider the day from your guests perspective.

We’ve compiled a list of our favourite ways to really wow your wedding guests.

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Ways To Wow Your Wedding Guests

Great Food!

Ah, food glorious food! If you have read our other blogs or have been following us on social media, you’ll know we’re BIG advocates for having some blimen good food at your wedding! In our opinion, the food at your wedding is super important.

1. Fed guests are happy guests! No one likes to be left hungry all day and at a wedding, this is even more important when guests are often with you for a longer period of time.

2. Aside from the above, the food you serve at your wedding is a great opportunity to inject a bit of personality and individuality. is there a signature dish you and your partner love? Have you got a family recipe that is really special to you? Love some delectable options and want your guests to experience it? Or alternatively, go for something fun like food trucks, where you can serve your guests burgers, pizzas, or other delicious options. There are so many options to explore with food!

3. Want to consider some fun dessert options? Ice cream trucks, cheese, dessert platters and lollie stations are all amazing options!

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Choose A Stunning Venue

Take your guests’ breath away by impressing them with a stunning venue. Waipuna Estate is the perfect choice for a wow moment and a magical wedding experience. Nestled in the hills above Tai Tapu with sweeping views of the Canterbury Plains and the Southern Alps, our outlook is sure to impress.

But it’s not just the scenery that’s wow. With beautiful native gardens, a stunning outlook and onsite accommodation, Waipuna is more than just a wedding venue. Check out our wedding packages here to have a wee wow moment of your own.


Create A Winter Wonderland

It’s true that most weddings are held during the beautiful Kiwi summer. But they don’t have to be. A winter wedding is the perfect opportunity to create a wonderland that wows.

Picture twinkling lights, fuzzy blankets, roaring fires and deliciously comforting foods all housed in a stunning cozy venue overlooking the snow topped Southern Alps. What could be more romantic?

If you are interested in a winter wedding, then our recent blog will tell you all you need to know!

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Include Interactive Elements

Having interactive elements can really boost the entertainment factor at your wedding. You could include some of these options:

  • A photo booth or photo wall for guests to utilise, you could include a Polaroid camera so that the shots are available instantly for taking home or displaying on a board or book
  • A DIY Dessert Bar is a fun way to incorporate some yummy treats and tick off your final meal course at the same time – soft serve ice cream, an array of toppings and sauces – guaranteed to be a highlight!
  • Consider an alternative to a guest book like signing a large photo frame, personal messages left on wishing stones, or even a fingerprint tree where guests leave their name and fingerprint
  • Designate someone to walk around your guests and film short well-wishing videos that will create amazing memories of the day
  • Giant lawn games are always a hit, think Giant Jenga, Giant Connect 4, croquet or ring toss. Or even a trivia game with questions about the happy couple
  • Create a social media hashtag and get your guests to tag any photos with it so that you have a unique collection of images and videos from the day


All The Right Sounds

Music is a fantastic way to create ambience at a wedding. And the great thing about music is that the options are almost endless. You could have live music in the form of an acapella singer or a covers band, or if you prefer a huge selection of songs you could have a DJ or jukebox.

The songs you choose to play could be ones that are special to you as a couple, ones that fit your wedding theme, or simply tunes you know everyone will enjoy and dance to.

For ideas on wedding vendors who specialise in music, browse our list of recommended vendors now.

Brendan from Boogie Beats. Photo Credit: Anna Hart Photography

Personalised Touches

Don’t be afraid to inject your personality into your wedding. Your wedding should be a reflection of who both of you are, so think about the ways you can incorporate those unique things into your day. Hand lettering your table place names, having monogrammed bottles of wine with your initials, incorporating cultural traditions, or favourite foods are all some ways you can personalise your day.


Twinkle All The Way

When the sun goes down, often the party vibe cranks up at a wedding reception. Why not make it an extra special experience with some twinking outdoor lights? String lights, lanterns, fairy lights or light curtains can all have an amazing impact against the night sky. They are a fantastic way to create some sparkly atmosphere at the tail end of your day.

Photo credit: Koru Photography


Weddings are magical experiences, but the day itself goes by so fast! You can really extend the celebrations by having a wedding weekend.

Waipuna Estate has the perfect accommodation option to relax, unwind and leave the cares of the world behind. In a gorgeous villa with four luxurious rooms, we can accommodate up to 10 guests at one time. Contact us to find out more.


Ready to create some wow moments at your wedding? Waipuna Estate is the perfect place to make them happen. Browse our wedding packages here or book a time to view our venue now.