Simplify Your Wedding Beverage quantities

Introducing “Your Ultimate Beverage Planner”

If you are providing the beverages for your wedding, you’ll know there are a ton of benefits! However one of the biggest challenges is trying to estimate the quantities to supply.

This is where Your Ultimate Beverage Planner – the best beverages calculator – is an incredibly effortless tool to help take away the worry and uncertainty! Designed by Waipuna Estate, Your Ultimate Beverage Planner was created in response to so many complaints from couples struggling to be confident in the quantities they had organised for their wedding. 

Your Ultimate Beverage Planner effortlessly estimates the amount of beverages you’ll need for your big day so you can say “cheers” to stress-free beverage planning!

It will take into into account the unique drinking preferences of your guests, ensuring you can perfectly accurately cater for beer, wine, and sparkling wine. Simply input the number of guests and their preferred drink choices and Your Ultimate Beverage Planner will work its magic, leaving you with the estimate totals needed for your wedding. 

You’re all set with Your Ultimate Beverage Planner!



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Purchase Your Ultimate Beverage Planner for just NZ$29! You can rest easy knowing you have your beverage quantities sorted. No worry, stress or uncertainty!


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