Are you planning a small intimate wedding?

Small weddings have been gaining popularity over the last few years with many choosing to forgo the large-scale nuptials for a more intimate, personal celebration.

Since Covid 19 hit our shores here in New Zealand at the start of 2020, we are seeing a definite trend towards smaller celebrations. With the subsequent closure of the borders putting an end to international travel for the foreseeable future, along with any destination wedding plans, many couples are now reconsidering their options when it comes to their wedding and just how big they want it to be. And while travel may be slowly opening up now, have we seen a distinct movement towards smaller celebrations?

Believe us when we say we love a good wedding of any size! However small weddings do appeal to a growing number of engaged couples and have many great aspects!


It’s an obvious one, right? The less people you have, the less money you’re going to need to spend. With food and beverage likely being two of your biggest expenses, it’s a big win-win for a smaller celebration. But smaller weddings change your budget for the better in other ways too. Less people mean you can potentially look at splashing out on some of the things that you might not be able to with a large number of guests. Think splurging on food a little more with bespoke options, serving some fabulous French champagne or delicious cocktails, or even your chosen entertainment.
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An intimate wedding is likely to be a lot easier for you to plan and organise. Planning a huge 80-100-person wedding is a lot of work and often comes with a lot of stress, decision making and agonising over options. Overcoming issues for a wedding of 50 is a lot easier than for a wedding of 100 plus.

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Venue Options

With a smaller guest list to accommodate, your choice for venues really does open up. You can consider your dream wedding venue that ordinarily wouldn’t be an option with a large guest list. Smaller venues offer a lot of benefits – from unique locations, styling options and smaller spaces that will easily accommodate a smaller guest list without feeling like you are missing 50 people.

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Your Nearest & Dearest

Being invited to a wedding is a privilege and honour, being invited to a small wedding is even more so! And for you, the newlywed couple, you know you are going to have precious time to spend with your select guests to really soak up one of the most exciting events you can have. Plus, the likelihood is that your guests will also get to know each other a lot better too! With a smaller guest list, you are able to focus more on their experience at your wedding too and perhaps include some fun and unique things for your guests.

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Make It into A Whole Weekend Affair

Who says the celebrating has to be limited to one day? With a venue like Waipuna Estate, with onsite accommodation, you can truly make your celebrations last longer than just the one day. With a more intimate wedding planned you can extend the celebrations to take place over an entire weekend.

Your wedding day will go fast and after months of planning it can be over so fast. Extend the celebrations and really lap up those newlywed vibes.

Are you planning a small wedding? We’d love to hear your thoughts and while you’re here, download the Waipuna wedding packages! We adore small weddings and have many amazingly special smaller celebrations taking place.