Considering a weekday wedding?

It is no secret that Friday and Saturday reigns supreme as the most popular day to hold a wedding. However we’re excited at the emerging and growing trend for weekday weddings, with more couples beginning to consider the numerous benefits. Could weekday nuptials be right for you?

Here are some great reasons why weekday weddings are worth considering!

Stretch your budget
Weddings can be pricey, so saving some cash in pivotal areas can make a substantial difference to your budget. Many vendors offer discounts for weekdays, plus they are likely to have a lot more availability than the often booked up weekend days. It’s worth asking the question when you are looking at vendors if there is a discounted price for a weekday.

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Nab the wedding professionals you’ve set your heart on
Some of the most sought-after wedding professionals are often booked up for wedding weekends 18 months in advance! You have a much higher chance of bringing together your dream team of vendors if you opt for a weekday wedding.

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Nearest and dearest work weekends?
Not everyone has a regular Monday to Friday job, so a weekday wedding could work well for those guests. And those who do work a standard week are usually more than happy to take a wonderful day or two off to celebrate with you. Most people would far rather be at your wedding than sitting at their desk!

Cheaper travel and accommodation
Airfares, accommodation and other amenities are often cheaper on weekdays, which is a big help to your guests travelling in from out of town.

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Get married on a special date
Perhaps you have a significant date or milestone day, such as the first time you locked eyes on each other, on which you would love to say, ‘I do’? There is no need to wait years until this date falls on a weekend. Consider a weekday wedding instead!

More days to choose from
With a weekday wedding you have five days to choose from instead of two. If you choose a Friday, or the day before a public holiday, you can extend the festivities and still give you and your guests a day or two to relax and recover from the wedding.

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Whether you are thinking about a weekend or weekday wedding, we’d love to hear from you. Whatever day you choose to hold your wedding, we’re here to help you create the most spectacular, magical day you’ve always dreamed of!

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