How to choose an amazing MC for your wedding can leave you feeling a little unsure!

You could be forgiven for not really knowing what an MC actually does! Aside from introducing the newlyweds and announcing the run of events for the day, it is also an important “behind the scenes” role too. There are plenty of things an MC can do that will ensure your day runs smoother. We love working with a great MC and always recommend our guests have one.

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What Makes A Good MC?

Some of the best MC’s we’ve had at Waipuna are confident, know the scheduled events for the day and are comfortable to speak in front of everyone and keep to timeframes. They tend to be people who are organised, can think on their feet, know the bride and/or groom reasonably well and can make decisions on things quickly and easily.

So, what does an MC actually do?

  • Assist with welcoming guests and helping them to the ceremony site
  • Help gather guests for photos
  • Help guests find their seats
  • Explain the sequence of events for the day
  • Liaise with your wedding vendors and ensure everything is running to schedule
  • Announce the arrival of the newlyweds to the wedding reception
  • Announce the first dance
  • Introduce speakers at the reception
  • Explain to guests about how meal service will occur
  • Introduce the cake cutting and any other events

Generally speaking, your MC will help ensure your day runs smoothly – it’s a key role!

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How Do You Choose?

Selecting someone to ask to be your MC can be challenging. Confidence would be one of the first attributes we would suggest for an MC. You need someone who isn’t afraid to speak in front of people and have a strong presence. Trust is essential when you are considering who will be your MC. You need to have faith that this person is able to do the role and liaise with vendors allowing you to relax and enjoy your wedding day.

When you choose your MC, consider someone who is organised, is able to deal with any unforeseen issues and is calm under pressure. Humour is also a great trait for an MC. Someone who is funny, able to put others at ease and be engaging with your guests is great.

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When you choose an MC, communication skills are also really important, so make sure they are someone who can give instructions to others, speak up when needed and communicate clearly and confidently.

Hopefully while you’ve been reading this, some names of people who might be suitable have come to mind. Don’t forget, ask your family and friends for advice too. If you feel like you don’t have anyone who can act as a MC at your wedding, or you would rather not ask anyone you know, many celebrants and DJ’s can and do act as MC’s for weddings, so that could well be an option for you.

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