Weddings are steeped in beautiful traditions as most of us know, but not everyone wants a hugely traditional wedding. If you find yourself looking for alternative options for your wedding, read on for five unique wedding ideas!

These days, weddings really do come in all shapes and sizes these days. Many couples are looking for ways to create a distinctive and personal celebration. There are some wonderfully unique wedding ideas that you can incorporate into your day! The great news is that you can do absolutely anything for your wedding.

No matter how non-traditional you choose to go, whether its completely bucking tradition or just changing a few minor things – your wedding should be exactly what you and your partner want. You can pick and choose traditions you want to incorporate into your own day – anything really does go. So don’t be afraid to think outside the square, go a little off the charts with your planning and see what evolves!

Ceremony at dusk overlooking view

Photo credit: Stacey Cavalier Photography

Unique Wedding Idea #1: Tie the Knot at Sunset

The vast majority of weddings start with the ceremony midafternoon – 3pm is super common. But who’s to say it has to get underway then? One of our favourite ideas is an evening/dusk ceremony, right on sunset with those amazing golden hues. I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t stood on our lawn at Waipuna and thought how incredible a ceremony at that time would be! Imagine having your guests watching on as you both get married, the setting sun bathing you all in incredible light, we are so here for it!

Unique Wedding Idea #2: Brunch or Lunch Your Thing?

Imagine a morning ceremony with all your guests enjoying a brunch or lunch time reception? This can be a great option for older guests and kids too.  Maybe you’d like to have a larger day time celebration and round off the day by spending the evening with those closest to you, or even just you and your partner! You can tailor the food to suit, think brunch canapes – french toast sticks, waffle cones, fruit skewers, bacon and egg buns, eggs benedict, pancake stacks – brunch at a wedding? Yes please!

Breakfast spread of cheeses, eggs, bacon and breads

Unique Wedding Idea #3: Make it a surprise wedding!

Want to avoid all the usual pre-wedding build up and just have a low-key celebration? A surprise wedding could be just the thing for you. Simply invite your guests to an event under the guise of an engagement party, birthday celebration etc. and then surprise! It’s your wedding – how fun! And another concept we’d love to do at Waipuna!

Unique Wedding Idea #4: Ditch the white dress

The white dress is synonymous with weddings, we get it. But for those who want to try something different, there are so many gorgeous alternatives out there! Or if you want to stick with white, consider wearing a super classy pant suit or a beautiful jumpsuit. There are so many options, so don’t feel confined to the traditional attire! If it’s not for you, do something that you feel amazing in.

Exchanging wedding vows at Waipuna Christchurch wedding venue

Photo credit: Tracey Allsopp Photography

Unique Wedding Idea #5: Have your reception the day after

Nowhere does it say you have to have your ceremony and reception on the same day! You could have a super intimate ceremony with just your closest ones attending, then have a big old celebration the next day! What a way to really extend your wedding and have the best of both worlds. We love this idea! Your ceremony filled with those people closest to you, spend the evening with your partner and loved ones, then throw the party the next day. How cool to make it a two day affair as well!

So there you have it, some of our favourite unique wedding ideas. The key to all of this is to go with what suits you and your partner – do what brings you joy and celebrate your love in a way that is meaningful and beautiful to you. People attend a lot of weddings, so we think having some individual and unique elements to your day is something guests will appreciate!

Are you planning anything different or unique for your wedding? Drop us a line, we’d love to know. And if you are wanting to check out what Waipuna can offer, download our wedding information here.