In all the advice you will receive about planning your wedding and the things you need to do, here are five things you don’t need for your wedding! Save yourself some time and question your planning no more! When you’re in the depths of wedding planning, it’s easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of expectations, trends, and pressures. From extravagant floral arrangements to elaborate décor, the list of “must-haves” for weddings seems endless. But what if we told you that there are things you can do without? Let’s be honest, there are likely many more than five things, but here are five things we think you don’t need for your wedding.

Wedding Favors

While wedding favors can be a thoughtful gesture to thank your guests for joining you on your special day, they often end up forgotten or left behind. Instead of splurging on personalized trinkets or elaborate gift bags, consider opting for something simple and heartfelt.

A handwritten note or a small token of appreciation can be just as meaningful without breaking the bank, or even forgo them completely. Many couples are now not even bothering with favours and the added expense of it. None of your guests will likely even notice if you don’t have favours and it really won’t have any impact on your day. Ultimately if you decide to do wedding favours, make it something meaningful or even something sweet – like a wee chocolate or something to round off the meal. Spending money on favours for the sake of them is a waste of money in our opinion and could be put into many other areas.

Over the top table décor

Don’t mistake what we are saying here – we LOVE a beautifully decorated table; it can truly make your reception space come to life. One of the biggest mistakes couples make when planning their table décor is overdoing it. It’s so important to consider the size of your tables, what practical things are going to be on them – think glasses, bottles of wine, water etc. It’s also really important to consider your catering style. If you are going to be doing sharing platters, these need lots of room on the tables and having centrepieces that are way too big is just going to make your table look crowded and make it awkward for guests.

You can still have beautiful tables for your wedding with simple, elegant pieces that compliment your wedding style without overdoing it. Think bud vases, or smaller floral arrangements, candles and vases. Less very much is more!

Expensive Invitations

Stationery is beautiful and it really can set the tone for your day when your guests first open that stunning invitation and the excitement begins. While it’s tempting to splurge on intricate stationery and fancy printing techniques, keep in mind that wedding invitations serve a practical purpose – to inform your guests about the details of your big day. Opting for simple, yet stylish designs can be just as effective and will save you both time and money. Consider digital invitations as an eco-friendly and budget-conscious alternative.

While we’re talking about invitations, sending out beautifully printed save-the-dates is also not necessary. Save yourself some time and money and send an email! Or set up a free wedding website with some initial information on there for your guests so they can anticipate receiving their invite.

Multiple Outfit Changes

Outfit changes are definitely increasing in popularity and honestly, if it’s in your budget and you really want to do it, go for it! But for those who are spending time wondering if they really need to do a dress change and wondering if they can justify the expense – the simple is answer is absolutely not! You will likely spend a decent sum of money on your wedding dress or suit, so if you are on the fence about this one, we say stick to your one outfit and really love it!

Extensive Beverage Options

If you are having your wedding at a venue where you can choose what beverages you serve (or a BYO wedding venue like Waipuna!), then this is an area you can definitely simplify. You truly do not need to offer every variety of wine or a full beer selection. The same goes for cocktails and spirits. Remember you are not trying to replicate an elaborate restaurant style bar choice. You can narrow down what you are serving to a few choices of wine – such as a red, maybe a couple of white varieties and a rose can be nice.

For beer, offering two or three different types is fine. You don’t have to offer cocktails or spirits and many couples don’t. Ultimately, people will drink what you have on offer!

There you have it, our take on five things you don’t need for your wedding. As you plan your special day, remember that often less is more, and simplicity can be the ultimate form of sophistication.

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