Choosing your wedding florals can be so exciting! Florals are often the basis of your styling for your wedding, but there can be a load of questions! Our super talented in-house florist, Katrin Lilla Nel has put together five go to tips for your wedding florals.


Many people incorrectly believe that artificial flowers are the inexpensive way to go. Of course, there are super cheap ones on the market, but keep in mind the quality may not be great. Artificial flowers are nowadays beautifully worked and can be a great alternative for someone travelling or with bad allergies – you can also sell them afterwards.

Dried and preserved florals are generally the most expensive option. This is due to the current trend and the process of producing them. However, they are great as keepsakes after your wedding with a few years of life in them. They could become gifts for your bridal party or friends or use them in your home. Fresh flowers are the most traditional and with the widest colour range and varieties.

Photo credit: George & Jane


The use of pampas is illegal under the Biosecurity Act in New Zealand. If you are doing some of your florals yourself, or having someone close to you help, make sure you and they know the difference. If it is beautiful, easy to pick from the roadside and the same that it is shown on Pinterest -then its Pampas – and illegal to use. If you are not sure – ask a professional. Many venues won’t allow you to use pampas and you could end up being asked to remove it – not a stress you want or need on your wedding day.


It can be super overwhelming when thinking about what florals you want. You may have ideas on the florals you would like, the colours you want to use or the look you are after. This is where a good florist comes in, they will be able to help and guide you with what is in season, any obstacles you may encounter, what florals work well together and what you can use to achieve the look you are after. Bear in mind that even if something is in season, the price can fluctuate depending on special days in the year – for example, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day etc.


Like anything, you get what you pay for! It can be tempting to try and pull your expenses back in places or cut corners here or there. Dealing with professionals might seem more expensive, but you pay not only for the service but also their knowledge and skills. Having a professional florist working on your florals will take away any concerns or worries, not to mention deliver amazing florals for your wedding – that’s got to be worth the money!

Photo credit: George & Jane


Florals can be tailored to any budget. Start with getting a price for your ideal vision and work from there. You may decide to change things up to help with your budget, go smaller on some things or entirely remove other things. Don’t be afraid to speak to your florist about your budget and the look you are going for.

Katrin Lilla Nel is the extremely talented in-house florist at Waipuna, you can check out Katrin’s work here. Want to book your viewing at Waipuna? Click here!