No doubt you’ve had plenty of advice on all the things you should do on your wedding day – have you given any thought to the things you should avoid doing on your wedding day? Here we have it, our 5 things to avoid doing on your wedding day!

You’re in the midst of wedding planning, booking your vendors, finalising details.  Hopefully you have a good team of people around you who you trust, and you know you can rely on. These are the people who will be you’re A team on the day, the ones who you know will get it done, no matter what.

We’ve put together a list of our top 5 things that we would recommend you don’t do! Trust us when we say, for the sake of your blood pressure and sanity, you’ll be glad not to do any of the following!

Stress about the weather

It’s one of the very few things you can’t control, right? And we know, we get it, ideally a beautiful warm day is the perfect weather for your wedding. However, getting stressed out worrying about what the weather gods are going to throw your way on the big day itself is not going to help or change anything (except your stress levels rocketing!).

So, what can you do? Make sure you have a really good plan B in place if you are planning an outdoor ceremony. A plan that will mean if the weather decides to pack it in, there is a very good, well thought out option to bring out so no one is left scrambling.

Delegate option B to someone else to take care of on your wedding day! Before your day arrives, give them a list of instructions so that they know what needs to happen to change the location of your ceremony/ family photos etc. The person could be someone from your wedding venue, someone in your family or friends or in your bridal party. Just so long as it is not you!

All you need and want to be focusing on is marrying your wonderful partner, and that will happen no matter what the weather does!

Wear new shoes for the first time

Save your feet the pain of breaking in new shoes on your actual wedding day – you will be so glad you did! Blisters, sore toes and aching feet is not what you want to be dealing with. This goes for flat shoes too; don’t assume they won’t need breaking in!

So, what can you do? Break those shoes in! Wear them around the house in the lead up to your wedding for an hour or so at a time and do this several times. You could also have another more comfortable pair of shoes to put on later if you think your shoes will start to hurt after a while. One last piece of advice – make sure you have shoes that fit you properly too!

Forget to eat

This one is so easily done! Nerves, a potentially warm day and alcohol mixed with no or very little food is not a great combination. Delegate this job! Give someone the job of making sure you are fed and hydrated. Your wedding day is a day that often starts early so make sure you have someone who is looking after you and ensuring you are not hungry or dehydrated or both!

So, what can you do? I’ve talked about this before, but make sure you have food with you that you actually like and will eat. It may not be a full-on meal, but a platter or cheese board or snack food is great. Something you can grab easily, and others can bring to you. And have plenty of water on hand and drink it!

Don’t be in charge – delegate!

If there is a ever a day where you just sit back, be pampered, have people look after you and make sure you are relaxed and have everything you need, your wedding day is it! After spending so many months planning everything, your wedding day is your time to sit back and relax and watch everything come together.

Don’t be afraid to delegate, even if you like to be in charge – let others take care of things. Your stress levels will thank you for it!

So, what can you do? Rely on your team. Speak to your vendors, communicate and make sure you are comfortable with everything in the lead up to your wedding. Have your plans in place with people who you have delegated tasks to, and make sure they are all on the same page about what you need them to do. Ask for help! Don’t try to do everything yourself, remember – this is a day for you to celebrate so be the most relaxed you can be and enjoy it!

Don’t make your schedule on the day too tight

When you are planning out the logistics of your wedding day and the timeframes, add additional 10-15 min slots regularly throughout your day. Don’t jam so much into your schedule that you end up running around trying to fit things in to a small period of time. It’s just not worth the stress!

Bridal party relaxing at Waipuna

Photo credit: Kelly Shakespeare Photography

So, what can you do? Expect little things to not go to plan! Have some spare time slots thrown in your schedule so anything that deviates from your plans can be sorted without a mad panic ensuing. Give yourself breathing space, and if you end up with time to spare – sit back, soak it all in and save it to the memory bank – this day goes so fast so revel in that fact your wedding day is here, you are getting married to your love!

There you have it, our list of the 5 things we’d recommend you avoid doing on your wedding day! Hope you enjoyed having a read and have taken something away from it. As usual we’d love to hear your thoughts! And if you are looking for the Waipuna wedding information, you can find it all here.